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BETRAYAL IO sets players in a virtual environment where they must work together to complete tasks and solve mysteries while among them lurk hidden betrayers aiming to sabotage their efforts. This multiplayer game challenges you to use deduction, communication, and strategy to identify the betrayers before they achieve their sinister objectives. As a crew member, you'll complete tasks and use your observations to vote out suspects, but be wary, as the betrayers will deceive and manipulate to remain undetected. Betrayers, on the other hand, must cunningly disrupt the crew's efforts and eliminate players discreetly. With its dynamic gameplay and ever-changing scenarios, tests your ability to trust, deceive, and ultimately survive in a game where anyone could be the enemy.

What is Betrayal io?

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How to play Betrayal io?

👥 Play Your Role - As a crew member, complete tasks and gather evidence. As a betrayer, sabotage and mislead without raising suspicion.
🗣️ Communicate Effectively - Use meetings to discuss findings, share suspicions, and decide whom to trust. Communication is vital for survival.
🔍 Observe and Report - Keep an eye on player behavior and task completion. Suspicious actions may reveal a betrayer's identity.
🚫 Vote Wisely - During meetings, vote on who you believe the betrayer is. A wrong decision could cost you the game.
🕵️ Use Strategy - Employ cunning tactics to achieve your objectives, whether that's completing all tasks or discreetly eliminating the crew.
💡 Stay Alert - The game's dynamics can change rapidly. Be prepared to adapt your strategy as new information comes to light.
🎭 Master Deception - For betrayers, blending in and manipulating the crew is essential. For crew members, detecting lies and deceit is your defense.

Created with intrigue and suspense by Addicting Games, offers players a thrilling social deduction experience, blending strategy, psychology, and teamwork in a high-stakes game of trust and deception.

Which developer or studio created Betrayal io?

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