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BLASTZ IO is an intense online multiplayer game set in the vastness of space, where players start as small but agile spaceships. The objective is to shoot down both AI-controlled enemies and other players to collect orbs that allow your ship to evolve and unlock new, more powerful forms. Each evolution grants you increased firepower, durability, and unique abilities, providing a satisfying sense of progression. Navigate through asteroid fields, dodge incoming fire, and outmaneuver your opponents to survive and thrive in the cosmic arena. With its blend of action, strategy, and customization, offers a dynamic and engaging experience for space combat enthusiasts.

What is Blastz io?

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How to play Blastz io?

🚀 Control Your Ship - Use the mouse to navigate through space. Left-click or press the space bar to shoot.
🔫 Destroy Enemies and Collect Orbs - Eliminate AI drones and other players to collect orbs. Each orb helps you evolve and become stronger.
💥 Evolve Your Ship - As you collect more orbs, your ship will evolve, enhancing its combat capabilities. Choose your evolution path wisely to suit your playstyle.
🌌 Navigate the Arena - Use asteroids and debris as cover from enemy fire. Be wary of larger ships that can outgun you.
⚡ Use Special Abilities - Each ship evolution comes with its own special ability. Use these strategically to turn the tide of battle.
🥇 Climb the Leaderboard - The more players and AI you defeat, the higher your score. Aim to top the leaderboard and become the most feared pilot in the arena.
🔄 Adapt and Overcome - Stay aware of the evolving battlefield. Adapt your tactics based on the threats and opportunities present.

Developed by unknown dev, combines fast-paced space combat with strategic evolution mechanics, offering players an exhilarating challenge as they grow from a small ship to a dominant galactic force.

Which developer or studio created Blastz io?

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