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STARDUST IO is an expansive online multiplayer game set in the vastness of space, where players control a celestial body orbiting through the cosmos. The primary goal is to collect stardust scattered across the galaxy to grow in size and power. As you navigate through space, you'll encounter other players doing the same, leading to strategic battles for stardust dominance. Use your growing gravitational pull to attract stardust and smaller players, while avoiding larger opponents that can absorb you. The game combines elements of growth, strategy, and survival in a beautiful cosmic setting, offering players a unique and captivating space adventure.

What is Stardust io?

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How to play Stardust io?

🌌 Collect Stardust - Move your celestial body through space to collect stardust and grow larger. The more you collect, the stronger your gravitational pull.
💫 Avoid Larger Players - Stay away from players with a larger mass to avoid being absorbed. Use your agility to escape their gravitational pull.
🔄 Absorb Smaller Players - As you grow, you can absorb smaller players. Time your movements to trap them in your orbit and increase your mass.
🚀 Use Boosts Wisely - Utilize speed boosts to escape danger or catch up to targets. Remember, using a boost will reduce your mass slightly.
🌐 Navigate Strategically - Plan your path through the cosmos to maximize stardust collection while minimizing risks from larger players.
🏆 Climb the Leaderboard - Your mass and the number of absorbed players contribute to your score. Aim to top the leaderboard and become the dominant force in the galaxy.
🤝 Form Alliances - Team up with other players for mutual protection and to share stardust, but be cautious of betrayals.

Crafted with the wonders of the universe in mind by Unknown Dev, invites players to embark on a cosmic journey, where collecting stardust leads to celestial dominance.

Which developer or studio created Stardust io?

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